What is BECOME?

It's a mash up of all the best parts of a film festival - the cool speakers, film screenings, workshops - with a dash of  #instaworthy whimsy. Aspiring filmmakers will get a full sensory and educational experience. 

I purchased an event ticket to BECOME...now what?

First, thank you!  Now, sit back and relax.  Our friendly event staff will be in contact with helpful hints to help you navigate your way around this special event. At BECOME you will not just be an "attendEE"; but you will be an "experiencEE." We are working hard to give you the best experience ever!

Why should I attend BECOME?

 BECOME will offer you a different vibe than the "uber" crowded festivals, conferences and events. At BECOME you will be in the room with only 30-50 other creatives and thus receive a more impactful experience.  A SMALLER EVENT SIZE EQUALS more opportunity to mingle and get to know our event sponsors better, have more substantive conversations with potential collaborators - who are also attending BECOME, chat up representatives from production companies, increase chances to get your questions asked during Q&A sessions, spend longer time demoing cool technologies, experience shorter queues during the beautifully catered lunch and best of all - a portion of the event proceeds will be donated to a local LA arts charity. Trust us - your investment in BECOME will be worth it. 

What happens after BECOME?

We hope that you will find your "film tribe" at BECOME.  Then, go forth and create real storytelling magic.  Also, we hope you take full advantage of your new membership at www.thedistrictofcreatives.com - where you can stay up-to-date on creative opportunities, industry news and other resource to fuel your creative spirit.